What is WITTA

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World Interpreter and Translator Training Association (hereafter shortened as WITTA) was founded on Nov. 18th, 2016 with its secretariat located at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangdong Province, China. WITTA has a clear and explicit orientation about its own development, which is to jointly promote the progress and innovation of global translation in education and education in translation, and interpreters and translators training with governmental, industrial, higher education and research institutes. WITTA is a strategic ally and an important supplement to other international interpreting and translating organizations. One of WIITA’s main goals is to pool worldwide  resources and expertise of related institutes of interpreter and translator training  and to assist its members to train interpreters and translators, so as to meet the demands of interpreter and translator training in various aspects. Members of WITTA are interpreter and translator training institutes, research institutes, academic journals, language service providers/enterprises, government departments, professional organizations and other related institutes or organizations of interpreting and translation.

Experts’ Note

In the past few decades, interpreter and translator training has made a great progress, but still faces many challenges. Capable translators and interpreters are still in shortage all over the world, which demands that colleges, universities and research institutes bring together and share resources to promote the effective combination of high-quality resources with teaching and research. To this end, WITTA will give full play to  the advantages of interpreting and translation as a discipline in terms of language, culture and interdisciplinary integration, conduct teaching and research, and establish a platform for resources construction, exchanges and cooperation, so as to further promote the development of international interpreter and translator training. (Zhong Weihe, President of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

WITTA can accomplish its unique mission which is to bring together talents all over the world to receive training and conduct researches. I firmly believe that WITTA will achieve success. WITTA aims to do the best that it can, so as to train the most excellent interpreters and translators. (Anthony Pym, former President of European Society for Translation Studies)

Given the fact that the current training of teachers who teach interpreting and translation and training of students aimed at improving their interpreting and translation proficiency are monotonous and develop slowly, different institutes should strengthen communication, mutual learning and exchange of resources and expertise, so as to supplement each other and make mutual progress. It is hoped that members of WITTA widely heed the opinions and suggestions of others, learn from each other with an open mind, show greater tolerance and make more contributions, give serious consideration to new plans and play an active role in conducting teaching research and practice so as to make substantial progress at an early date and bring benefits to interpreters and translators training. (Huang Youyi, Executive Vice President of Translators Association of China)

WITTA Focuses on Innovation Research and Practice in the Following Six Aspects

1. To lead the research and establishment of global interpreting and mechanism of translation teacher training, assessment and accreditation; establish and promote the mechanism of reciprocal accreditation, visits and employment among interpreting and translation teachers all over the world.

2.To host “International Symposium/Forum on World Translation in Education and Education in Translation” to assist its members in expanding their scientific research scope, enhancing their research competence and comprehensive strength, broaden  global horizon and expand  international market; promote substantial cooperation among WITTA members, top universities and international academic institutes over all the world, conduct exchanges, docking and outcomes transformation between cooperation on high-level personnel training as well as making breakthroughs in scientific research, and international industry, education and research.

3. To jointly set up service innovation fund and aid financially the establishment of international exchange programs, provide young scholars and students with opportunities to engage in advanced studies, get an internship and receive practical training and help the new generation gain knowledge, acquire international experience, expand professional friend circle and enhance scientific research competence by establishing international tutor system.

4. To jointly establish “Global Cross-disciplinary Multilingual Big Data Application Center”, integrate and optimize international high-quality resources (prestigious universities, renowned teachers and well-known lessons) and promote the effective combination of high-quality resources with teaching and research, creating excellent internationalized education, teaching and research environment for its members.

5. To build international innovation and entrepreneurship education zone/base, bring the unique advantages of translation as a discipline in terms of interdisciplinary integration into full play and explore the establishment of new cross-border, cross-institute, cross-discipline and cross-major mutual training mechanism for innovation talents, help to boost the innovation development of the world economy, culture, science and technology.

6. To play an active role in “public diplomacy, culture lead, think tank support, industry integration” as an international academic organization, establish a service innovation platform for discipline development of universities and  development of global regional economy, promoting the interaction between discipline, talents, scientific research and industry.